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Our department features an integrated array of programs spanning the fields of sustainable design and technology. We have developed a reputation for innovative research and sustainable development in the areas of construction and building science, renewable energy, and other sustainable technologies.  Our mission is to foster a strong and vibrant culture of inquiry, discovery, and innovation that integrates theory with application, problem seeking with problem solving, local issues with global perspectives, and technological progress with environmental stewardship.  More specifically, our department endeavors to:

  • Provide exemplary teaching that inspires and challenges students through experiential learning, synergistic curricula, and community engagement.
  • Conduct and disseminate scholarly work that focuses on sustainable solutions to important challenges in the design, creation, and management of technological systems.
  • Serve as a resource and a catalyst for local and global communities through projects, partnerships, and outreach.

We encourage you to become part of our innovative team! Please spend some time on our site learning more about our programs, our students, and our faculty.

Study Abroad Destinations for Summer 2016

  • South Korea/Taiwan - Adventures in Sustainable Energy & Architecture (website) led by Dr. Ok-Youn Yu and Jason Miller, AIA
  • Nicaragua/Costa Rica - Awake in the Coffee Fields: Fair Trade and Appropriate Technology (website) led by Dr. Jim Houser and Mr. Ray Sinclair
  • Peru - Appropriate Technology and Ecological Design in Peru (website) led by Dr. Jeremy Ferrell and Dr. Lee Ball
  • Austria - Austrian Adventures in Renewable Energy, Sustainable Buildings, and Passive House Design (website) led by Dr. Brian Raichle and Jeff Tiller, PE 

Recent study abroad opportunities have included trips to Peru, Costa Rica, Nicarauga, Austria, France, Mexico, and South Africa. Please contact Chad Everhart for additional general information about future study abroad trips, at 


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